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Helpful tips for Powerpoint Templates

I recently ran a promotion where I gave customers two Powerpoint templates they could customize for their business. A few of them had questions about how to do this, so I decided to do this tutorial to provide them with some ideas for customizing any type of Powerpoint templates.

Here’s a quick view of one of the templates they received.

how to use Powerpoint Templates

Let’s look at how you can easily edit this template – for this example we will assume that you are going to promote a new product, book or short report. For the purpose of this tutorial I am using the latest edition of Powerpoint – so some of the names and ribbons may be a little different on your version.

How to Edit Your Powerpoint Templates

Step 1: When using any type of original template always make a new copy so you don’t lose the original. So SAVE AS – Your product name.

Step 2: Decide whether you like the color scheme or not. If you want to change it, just go to the Design Tab, and then under Variants you will see the Colors Tab. Simply select a new color scheme of your choice.

Powerpoint templates color

Let’s look at Slide 1 first. Changing the main color scheme is easy, once you have done that you may want to change the center symbol.  This depends on how the developer created the template. Sometimes just selecting a new color choice will change all the colors – for this template it doesn’t. Here’s how to change the color of the symbol – please note that this is an image so you could replace it with another one of your choice, maybe your logo if you have one.

Step 3: Changing the color of the symbol can be done by clicking on the Format Tab and then selecting the Color Tab.  Here you have 3 options 1) Color Saturation, 2) Color Tone and 3) Recolor. In this example I used the recolor and selected my choice.

Powerpoint templates icon color

Step 4: Moving on to Slide 2 – Click on the Design Tab – go to colors and select your color palette and then change the text color.

Step 5: Slide 3 – here we can change the background color to match our choice and replace the product image with an image of your own report cover, logo, or photo. On this particular template the background has been inserted as an image. To change the color click on the blue background – this will highlight the Format Tab in the top ribbon. You can then select your choice of background color – you may want to use a gradient choice to add some texture to it. Please note: you may have to go to the Design Tab and select the color palette – not always necessary but will depend on how these Powerpoint Templates were created.

powerpoint templates background shapes

Step 6: Now you are ready to change the product image to one of your own. Click on the image and select Change Image – this may be different depending on which version of Powerpoint you are using.  Swap out the images and your slide is ready. Remember to keep saving your work as you go along.

Step 7: Slide 4 – the easiest way to change the colors of the lines is to go to Design – Variants and select your color palette again. Make sure you click on the lines so that they change color. Use the steps above to change the background color and text to suit your product.

Step 8: We are on to Slide 5 now. You can decide if this layout suits your product or not – can you use this to point out some main features of the product or the niche in general. For example you could change out the word Rating to Awesome, Brand New, Hot Topic. To make these changes just click on the word and edit it.  If you don’t like the arrows, then swap them out for circles or squares. Please note: on this particular template the animations are all ready inserted if you delete the slide you will lose these effects.

Step 9: Slide 6 consists of just changing out the background and the color of the text and changing the word if you wish.

Step 10: Slide 7 is a little more tricky due to the number of animations included and the way the slide is set up.  First I would change the background on the solid block, and change the words if necessary. Then save your slide. Now to do the ribbon effects with text on them. As you can see they are hidden behind the main block. To change the background of the block, click on the background, not the text yet. Then select your new color with the Shape Fill option. Repeat this for the rest of the ribbons and then save your Powerpoint Templates again.  Now to change the text. Your biggest issue here is to not mess up the alignment. What I did was to click on the main color block and drag it to the left so it exposes all the text. Keep in mind that the text That’s Awesome won’t move, you could move this too or just leave it and work around it. Now the text is exposed you can easily edit it. As you edit each one keep on saving your work.

Powerpoint Templates Move Boxes

Step 11: Any time you want to preview the animations, or check that you didn’t change something just click on the Animations Tab and then the Preview Tab. This will play the animation for that slide. It can also be helpful to do this when you are not sure if you want the slide or not, see what the animation does and if it doesn’t mess with the flow then you could delete the entire slide.

Step 12: Slide 8 and 9 are easy, just change the background, text and text color.

Step 13: For Slide 10 you just want to click on each shape and use the Format Tab to change the colors and then the text. If your color palette doesn’t show up, remember to go to Design – Variants and select your color palette again.

Step 14: We are at the last slide now and this is just a matter of adding the background, text color and editing the text.

Congratulations you have now made changes to these Powerpoint Templates – great work! As I mentioned some templates are easier to change than others. Once you have selected your color palette all the colors change, this Powerpoint template didn’t work that way. But still, once you do this a few times you will find that editing the slides is much faster.

Here’s a look at my finished slides. As you can see they look different and you could easily use these Powerpoint Templates over and over again to create new slides or promotional videos for your products.

powerpoint templates revised

If you would like a copy of these Powerpoint templates for yourself, they are available as a bonus with your purchase of any package from this limited time offer, while it is still available.

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In my next Powerpoint tutorial post we will use this same template and add music to it, then turn it into a promotional video as well as keeping it as slides.

If you have any questions please post them in the comments section below.

Thank you!

P.S. Download free Powerpoint Templates here

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