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Do you purchase many software offers? I know I don’t and it really does depend on what the sofware does, how easy it is to configure and use, and how I can use it for myself. There are certain software sellers that I pay attention too, and one of those is Andy Brocklehurst. He has a new software out today called Vidicle.  It’s a quick video software creator, that is very easy to use. I got access to this a couple of week ago when he sold it to advance buyers. Actually, if you purchased my Lazy Girl Lifestyle PLR pack recently, you would have received videos that I created with this software.

What Does Vidicle Do?

The purpose behind Vidicle is to help you make use of old content that is sitting on your hard-drive. This could be PLR content as well. Remember with PLR you cannot redistribute or sell the content as is, you need to change it, edit it or brand it first. Once you have changed the content you can do whatever you wish with it.

Vidicle is perfect for this. You can easily turn a PLR article into a new format – a video – and then you have a new product to sell or give it away!

How to Use Vidicle

Here’s how I have been using Vidicle.

I made short video type affirmations. Simply upload an image, copy and paste the quote into the software, link to a music file and process your video. It really does only take a few seconds to produce. The software runs directly on your desktop.  Then you can upload your new video to YouTube or publish on your site.  Another idea is to use these and add to your own product as video content.  Video marketing is huge, and you should be incorporating this into your business.

Another neat way to incorporate Vidicle is by creating Review Videos. You can simply copy and paste your review text into the software, then add your product images, along with some music or your voice over and your video is complete. To add a voice over you would need to create this in Audacity first and then add this as your audio file. You can only add one audio file.

You can add up to 3 images per video. A image that would be your starting point, or create a text image with your URL on some type of branding on it. You can easily do this in Powerpoint or over at PicMonkey.

View of the Software

Here’s what the software looks like once opened. Please note that this currently works only on a PC. It will work on Mac by using Parallels.

vidicle software

As you can see it’s very easy to use.

  1. Add your text or review in the main box.
  2. Set your font and font size, color.
  3. Set your background – this can be an image, or a color. I found an image or plain white to work best.
  4. Link to your audio track.
  5. Select your output folder – so you can find your video.
  6. Select Finish On – this can be a Blank slide, Image or the last page of your article.
  7. You can select your frames per second for longer slides. I find 4 secs works well.
  8. Select Generate Video

The Tube Optimizer feature that you see above, is on the Upgrade version. It works for the review videos. Once you have added your review into the video you select the Tube Optimizer and it will create a ready to use listing for YouTube. It shows you the description and tags to use. If you plan on doing lots of review type videos this option will be a huge time saver for you.

Should You Purchase Vidicle?

So should you purchase Vidicle for yourself? Here’s who I recommend should use this.

  1. Anyone who has lots of unused content on your hard-drive and you don’t know what to do with it.
  2. If you are looking to create videos for ranking purposes.
  3. You want to create videos that include tips.
  4. For creating motivational quote types of videos.
  5. For adding short videos to your own product packs.
  6. If you have a niche site and include reviews.
  7. PLR content that is sitting and collecting dust!

Take a look at Andy Brocklehurts’ sales page for Vidicle and get all the details of this very easy to use software – Perfect for PLR Buyers – Click Here for Info

Still have questions?

questions on vidicle

My Tips & Tricks

If you decide to purchase Vidicle today I will include my tips and tricks for you.

How to add an overlay over an image so the text still shows through

The best size images to use

How to get small product images to look good

To get access to these tips please make sure you click on the following link directly before purchasing. Access to the bonus will be found on your download page.

Click Here for More Details

Please Note: All buyers in the first 72 hours will get access to an image and music files to use.

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