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In our last post we talked about how to add music to your Powerpoint slides. Now that you have a new product created you want to put it to use. So let’s talk about marketing videos and slides.

Tips for Marketing Videos and Slides

Let’s discuss the marketing of videos first: As soon as you have created your video you want to upload it to a video channel, such as You Tube.

When it comes to marketing videos you want to optimize your video from the beginning, this includes adding keywords to the title of your video. For example the video I was creating was about social media so I would include that in the title – Social Media – Getting Started Tips.

  1. You can have up to 70 characters in your title and try to use up to 5 words in your video title.

You Tube gives you lots of space to add a description, so make use of it! Remember that Google owns You Tube, so they are telling you what you need to do.

  1. The recommendation is to use around 300 words to get the best exposure on Google.
  2. In the first sentence include your URL and your main keywords again.
  3. Describe the video to your audience and tell them what they will learn.
  4. Add calls to action such as Sign up for this, Get your free download, link to a survey etc
  5. Try to add in more related keywords but make sure that it sounds natural.

The next section is the Tag section and this will really help with marketing your videos.

  1. Include your main keyword as a tag
  2. Use the related keywords from your description as well

Your next step is with marketing videos is to make sure that you use a good thumbnail. A Thumbnail is simply a snapshot of your video, it’s the image that will represent your work.

  1. You can include any image from your video and set it as the thumbnail. If you use an Intro slide this could be a good option.
  2. You Tube also allows you to upload a customized thumbnail. Read this post on how to do this. The Importance of  Thumbnails for Videos

Other settings that will effect your effects when it comes to marketing videos include your settings. If you want to promote your videos then make sure they are as listed as public. For family videos you may prefer to use the private or unlisted setting.

For more detailed help on You Tube bookmark this page. Getting Your Video Prepared for Marketing

Here’s a look at how I filled in these settings in one of my recent videos.

Marketing Videos

Once your video is upload to You Tube make sure you share it to your social media sites and embed it on your blog as well.

Let’s move on to Marketing your slides. One thing you can do is turn the slides into a PDF format and then upload them to slide sharing sites.

Here’s some of the top sites:

For an updated list just Google ‘top slide sharing sites’

Other ideas for marketing your slides are to give them out as a free gift to your subscribers and get them to share with their lists and followers.

Get a Zoom account and do a presentation for your list or offer to do a presentation for someone else. This is a great way to start networking with other businesses, and a valuable marketing asset for your business.

Let me know if you have any other questions, just leave them in the comments section below.


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