Goals & Dreams for Step Up to Success Online

dreams & goals for success

In today’s blog post I wanted to talk about my goals and dreams for this site, and how you too can see success online. First off I do have a main site that is bringing in some good money each month. It is a site that sells unbranded or private label rights content. So basically all you have to do is add some of your own thoughts to the content, along with some images and you have a ready made blog post, article or even a report. I will talk later about how you too, can create this type of content and have your very own online store.

My Vision for Step up to success online

Back to this site – step up to success online. The reason I am putting this site together is due to the questions I receive from my current customers. While they understand the main aspects of starting some type of online business there are many small items, that leave huge gaps in their attempts to get started online. It is these large gaps that I want to help fill in.

A couple of examples of these would be; learning how to set up your own website, understanding how to buy a domain name, where to host your site and then how to install a platform, WordPress, on that site. Just these few things can be so intimidating, and become a stumbling block, that some people just never get around to overcoming.

Other areas that I want to cover include things such as:

How to set up a home business – including basic items you need, record keeping, taxes, setting your hours, creating a business plan and more.

Ideas for your business – I will cover a variety of topics here,  such as creating your own online store, running a blog, affiliate marketing, offering services such as being a virtual assistant, book keeper,  and others.Success Online Mindset

How To’s – this will be one of my big categories and one where I find people are getting stuck. Examples of topics will be; how to make a clickable image, lots of how to videos around using PowerPoint and Word, then a resource for how to create videos.  How to schedule blog posts? How to add text to an image and more? How to set up and use an Autoresponder service, email marketing tips and more. Many of these items are small, but once mastered can really help you to see that success online, that you are looking for.

Recommended Products – this area will mainly be a review area where I discuss certain products, tools and resources that will be helpful in your business. This will be a mix of free and paid items.

The next area will be a monthly income post. I want to include this so that you can all see how long it takes the site to become profitable, and where I am making the money from. This will allow you to follow along and build your own business in a similar manner. I will start posting income at the end of next month, April.

There will also be other sections on the site that target certain things and groups of people, Work at Homes Mom, is an example of that.

Of course, as time goes by this list may change depending upon the wants and needs of my readers. Whatever content or resources you need to see success online, so just let me know! So I do intend to stay very flexible with the content and information I give to you all.

My dream for this blog is to have a wonderful site that is just full of tips and information that will show people how you can succeed online. This is without having to pay for unnecessary programs or products that ultimately collect dust on your hard drive. Or paying hundreds of dollars for someone to create a website and more. It is possible to have a successful home business; you just need to have the right information which will lead you to the end result that you are looking for. Creating a successful online business.

For myself, I know that creating a blog like this is going to be a big challenge and lots of work. But this is a new project for me, and one that I am really looking forward to as well.
What’s your dream for yourself? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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