How to Use Planners to Stay Organized

planners to stay organized

Being a freelancer that works from home has a lot of benefits, but it also has some drawbacks. Among them, is the fact that you can easily miss out on appointments, get behind on projects, and get disorganized, since everything is entirely up to you. One great way to help with these difficulties is to use planners and journals for taking notes and keeping schedules.

Freelancer Tips – Using Planners to Stay Organized

Track Your Income and Clients

One great way you can use a journal or planner as a freelancer is to keep track of all your basic work items. For example, it can help you keep track of your clients and which clients you do what work for on a daily or weekly basis. You can also keep track of your income on a daily basis, looking to see where most of your income comes form, and ways you might want to improve it. Good planners also give space for adding the different projects you are currently working on.

Make Notes About Your Progress and Goals

A journal with more space to write in, as opposed to a planner with limited space, is also a good place to simply take notes about your current progress. You can use this journal to note the accomplishments you have made thus far as a work-from-home mom, looking at the positive aspects of the business you have started. You can look at those accomplishments and make goals for the future so you can keep working on proper growth of your business.

using planners to organize

Compare What Is and Isn’t Working

As you go through your home-based career, you will find that some things you do work great, and others aren’t really working out. Instead of wasting time on projects, marketing methods, or services that really don’t bring in money or aren’t worth the time you put in, you can use a journal to jot those things down. Keep a constant pros and cons list in your journal or planner so you start weeding out the things that just aren’t working for you anymore.

Write Down Detailed To-Do Lists

On more of a daily basis, you can use your freelancer planner to keep to-do lists. This is going to help you get your projects done, but can also help with your work-life balance. This lets you know what tasks you need to do for work, and what responsibilities you have in the home or with your family. You can use it to keep a detailed schedule of what appointments you have for the kids, planning regular outings with the family, and making sure you take proper time off to spend quality time with your spouse. You also have the opportunity to write daily to-do lists that go over both personal and work-related tasks that need to be done that day.

Take your time in choosing a planner or journal, making sure it provides adequate space for all the different schedules, lists, and notes you intend to take with it.

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