Direct Sales as a Business Model

Still looking for that perfect home business model? Have you thought about direct sales as your new business model? This can be a fantastic way to set up your own home business. Or you could just supplement your income with this type of business.

Direct Sales Quiz

Take our quiz below and see if becoming involved in direct sales is for you.

1. What is your main motivator?

For many people, the thought of extra money is a good enough motivator. While this does help, it doesn’t matter if you are not motivated by money more than anything else. Other motivators can include, helping people improve their lives – your products will help customers solve problems and provide them with a benefit.

Direct selling is the perfect type of business for creating a team. If you are motivated by helping others to succeed, then this is a positive trait for you. You can help recruit, train and motivate your team members to become successful at direct sales.

direct sales personality

2.  Are you independent or a team player?

Actually both of these traits are perfect for direct sales. If you are more independent, then working on your own to grow your business will suit you just fine. You will need to be social, as you will be working with the hostess and will need to show her how to host a successful party. But, other than that contact, you will be working independently.

As we mentioned above if you enjoy being part of a team then direct sales is a great option for you. You will enjoy recruiting team members and working with them, while developing your own business.

3. Do you enjoy selling products? 

This is a very important aspect of direct sales. You are going to want to enjoy selling for this model to work for you. This type of selling is normally done in a party environment as opposed to a retail location. You will be marketing your products online and offline, but your profits will be generated via your sales.

If you love talking to people about how they can benefit from using your products, then direct selling could be the best business decision you ever make.

4. How do you rate your business and organizational skills?

In order to be successful with direct sales you will need the ability to organize and track things. For example, you will need to track sales and profits, as well as keep track of your inventory and expenses. Plus, keeping track of your hostesses and being able to schedule out your parties for weeks at a time. This way your business will not see any fluctuations in income.

5. Do you have a positive mindset?

This really applies to all businesses, running your own business can be challenging. With the direct sales model you are an independent sales person, which means you are responsible for everything. Which means you need to be self-motivated. Having a positive mindset is going to allow you to manage any challenges as they crop up. Plus, you will be motivated to stay on track and achieve your goals.

consider direct sales

So are direct sales for you?

If you have positive answers to the above questions, then go ahead and find a direct selling company you will be proud to represent. If the majority of your answers were negative, you may want to look for a different business model – possibly a service based business.

As you can see it takes a certain personality to become involved with direct sales. For those who choose this path it can be an extremely successful business model to follow.

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