Depression and Your Job


It is a sad fact that those of us who have a full time job, spend more time at work than anywhere else. If you want to get ahead in life, and at work, you need to spend long hours working to achieve your goals, both personal and business. Depression hits many employee’s and unfortunately you may not even be aware that you are dealing with depression.

Some people do not have a problem with this scenario, but many people do. If you’ve spent years at a job and are still feeling stuck in a rut and not getting anywhere it may be time to make a change. You may have been considering making the leap from working for a company, to working for yourself at home. The problem is how do you know when it is time to make the switch? There are a few signs that will help you.


One of the biggest signs that your job is affecting your life in negative ways, is when you wake up each morning and dread the commute to work. Numerous people feel this way and many are actually sick to their stomachs each morning. Or you may just feel awful in the morning and go to work, wishing you were somewhere else instead.

Not many people realize this, but their job is actually causing them depression. This is a true fact for many men as they enter their fifties. After working to raise and support a family, and finally getting your kids through college. You are suddenly left with no reason to go to work anymore. This in turn can cause you to start wondering why you are bothering and this is when depression kicks in.

Eventually your will to go to work turns into a panic filled tread that takes a major toll on not just you, but your family too. Along with depression you may experience stress, anxiety, panic attacks and loss of self-esteem.depression and despair

It could be that you have just lost your passion for your job, but that you actually enjoy the company of your co-workers. Even if it is just the passion you have lost you need to reassess your career path, before the loss of passion turns into something worse.

Working too many hours, or bringing work home with you is not healthy for you. You will come home in a bad mood, and this can affect your relationship. If your job is affecting your family life, then you have let things go too far, and it’s time to make a change.

Whether you hate your job, lost your passion, or see no chance of getting ahead then it is time to think about a job change. Otherwise you will become frustrated with yourself and your boss. It’s not a good scenario, when you know more about your job than your current boss does!

There are so many opportunities today to work from home, become your own boss and be responsible for your own income.

Everyday people are setting up a new online business for themselves. This will help them provide a supplemental income and give them the opportunity to actually quit their day job.

If you have tried to make changes at work, and still aren’t headed in the right direction then maybe it is time to take the bull by the horns and move on to something new. Of course, this is not an easy decision to make. Plan things out and talk to your spouse about your feelings and the path you would like to take. It will be much easier to manage with a supportive spouse in your life.

Research the many opportunities for setting up a new online business and see which ones spark your interest.

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