Creating a Successful Direct Sales Website

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Today’s direct sales consultant understands the importance of having a website. A strong direct sales website will accomplish a number of important things. It will presell and sell your products.

One of the biggest benefits of having your own direct sales website is that party attendees can visit your website before the party. This allows them to decide what to buy on the day of the party. It can also help them decide to actually attend the party, be seeing a selection of items that will be offered. Your website can also help sell products after the party. When your guests return home they may wish that they had ordered additional items. They can simply return to your website and add more products to their item.

Additionally, they may order products a few weeks or months late. They may even decide to host their own party, helping you expand your customer base. Having a website is perfect for those who can’t attend the party but still want to make a purchase.

One thing to note here is to check what your company allows you to set up in regards to a direct sales website. They may have a turn-key website that you MUST use. Or they may allow you to create your own website. While the first option is good for ensuring that items are ordered correctly, having a custom website will make yours stand out from all the other reps in the company. So check to see if this option is available.

Direct Sales Website

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Use the following tips to create a powerful website that will presell and sell your products.

  1. Product descriptions – Great product descriptions provide both the basic information and features but also compelling benefits. It helps convince the visitor to buy. A great photo is also essential. People want to see what they they’re going to buy. If there are color choices try to add the colors if possible, or at least a photo of the item in the colors.
  2. Proof – Proof comes in the form of testimonials and reviews from customers. It can also be in the form of endorsements, awards and case studies. If your direct sales company has won any awards or has been endorsed by a celebrity or media outlet, be sure to include that on your website.
  3. Easy ordering – Make sure the checkout and payment process on your website is both easy and intuitive. If your customers have to dig to figure out how to pay, they may leave. If your customer has to jump through too many hoops to buy a product, they may leave. This may or may not be within your reach to improve, if you are using a company wide ordering system, then you will have to go with what they have in place.
  4. Secure payments – Safe online ordering is essential. Make sure your customer’s information and identity are safe. And make sure your customer knows their information is safe. Include a security logo and/or a statement about the care of their information. If a customer cannot tell that their payment information and identity are safe on your site, they just won’t buy. Again this aspect may be out of your control.
  5. FAQs – Consider creating a separate page that lists the answers to your frequently asked questions. This will help your prospects and visitors have a better experience on you site. It will also help cut down on the email questions you receive too. As you get new questions be sure to update this page. You may even want to have a separate page for those who are interested in joining your team as a direct seller.
  6. Contact information – Make sure customers and website visitors have a way to contact you. It can be simple, like placing your email address in the footer of every page on your website and on a separate “Contact” page. Or you can create a web form. Visitors just fill out the form and you automatically receive their questions.
  7. Easy navigation – Make sure your website is laid out in a straightforward and easy to understand manner. Use clear and concise button text. Organize items logically by category and subcategory.
  8. Social Media – consider setting up a social media page on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and a Twitter account. This allows you to be found more easily and it’s a great platform to share news about your products.

When your direct sales website is easy to use and enhances the customer experience, you will sell more. Make sure your products are well described and photographed. Offer a quick and easy way to find answers, check out, and communicate. Make sure your website supports your success by keeping it updated with news of your achievements and stories of how your customer’s are using your products.

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