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Today I wanted to do a short tutorial on how to create a social quote poster using Pic Monkey. Your first step is to find an image you would like to use. You can get some great free ones here from Unsplash. These images are fairly large, but not to worry we can resize them directly inside Pic Monkey. If you plan on using your photo for multiple posters then save a copy.

I am going to add a video tutorial as well, this way you can easily follow along.

Steps to Create a Social Quote Poster

  1. Log into Pic Monkey – a free account is perfect for this
  2. Click on Edit and then select to upload from your computer, Facebook, One Drive or Dropbox
  3. Let the image load
  4. Next we want to resize the photo – click here for current Facebook Poster Sizes
  5. Click on the Resize button and type in your size and then click on Apply
  6. Now you are ready to add text to your poster
  7. Click on the T – text button and this will open the editor
  8. Simply scroll down the list and select one that you like. I like some of the more fancy looking fonts for quotes. Keep in mind that any fonts that have a Crown or New next to them are paid fonts. But there are plenty of nice looking free fonts to choose from.
  9. After selecting your font, go back to the top of the editor and click on the box that says TEXT – this pops the text box onto your image
  10. Now type in your quote. You can resize the box by dragging on the outside lines, and move the box as well to position it where you would like it to show.
  11. Once you are happy with your image you can now save it to your computer.

That was the basic steps – let me show you how to add one of those faded rectangles to hold your quote.

How to Add an Overlay to your Social Quote Poster

When you look at the Pic Monkey Editor you will see a Butterfly symbol – this allows you to add an overlay to your poster.

  1. Click on the Geometric Shapes and select your shape.
  2. It will pop onto your image and the Overlay Editor will appear
  3. Drag the box to enlarge it
  4. Change the color to one that matches your image – when you click on the color an eyedropper will appear, use it to match colors
  5. Use the Fade function to make the overlay more transparent
  6. You can combine the elements by clicking on the button – it looks like two black squares with a down arrow, currently located at the bottom of your screen
  7. Now add your text as above – just drag the text box onto the overlay
  8. If you experiment with the other icons on the basic editor you can add special effects or a border to your image – take some time to play around with these effects
  9. Once you are happy with your social quote poster it’s time to save your poster and add it to your social media accounts.

Hope you have enjoyed this social media poster quote tutorial, please let me know if you have any questions by leaving them in the comments section below.  Be sure to watch the Social Media Poster video as well. This way you can see exactly how I added the text and the overlay effect.


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