Adding Music to Powerpoint Slides

Adding music to Powerpoint Slides is the next step after customizing the template as we discussed in our last post here: How to Use a Powerpoint Template

Incorporating music to Powerpoint is very simple indeed, just follow the guidelines below.

Steps for Adding Music to Powerpoint Slides

Step 1: Go to Insert – Audio and Select Audio from my PC – you will notice there is an option to record your own audio if you wish. For now we are just going to be using a music file.

Adding music to powerpoint slides

Step 2: Select Music file and insert. The file will be inserted and the following icon will appear on your slide – I like to drag it over to one side so that it is more visible. adding music to powerpoint icon

Step 3: You want to select your options as shown below. Ensure Play in Background is selected and the Hide During Show – this hides the music icon during your video or presentation. Click on the music icon to reveal the Audio Tools.

Music Powerpoint Options

Step 4: You can select Fade In and Out for your slides. For the Fade Out option I find it is best to select around 10 seconds, otherwise the fade isn’t always that noticeable.

Step 5: Note: When testing your music using the Slideshow the Fade Out will not be heard – it is only heard in a video when you have saved it to MP4 format. This took me a long time to figure out and I had to ask for help, so just wanted to pass that tip onto you!

Step 6: Select your Volume level – I normally choose Low or Medium when adding music to Powerpoint slides.

Step 7: Using the Slideshow Tab to preview your slides and to ensure that the music runs across all of them. If you have any issues then the most common reason why something is not working is because your Transitions are not set correctly. A transition is how one slide progresses to the next one.  Click on the Transition tab and check your settings and set them as in my example below. You need to add a time to advance the slide, otherwise it will be set to advance only on a mouse click, which is fine for a presentation but not if you want the changes to happen automatically. Set a general time at first and then select the Apply to All option.

sound settings for music

Step 8: I suggest setting the Transitions to about 7 or 8 seconds to start with. Then preview the slideshow and see how things work. If a slide changes too quickly or slowly you can change the time on each slide individually.  Do this a couple of times until you are happy with your slides – be sure to save your work every few minutes as you go. For this particular template I just reduced the time on the Introduction and Customer’s Say slides to 6 seconds.

Step 9: Once you are happy with everything we want to compress the audio file – this reduces the size of your final slideshow or video.  Just click on File then Media Size and the audio file will compress. Check out the image  below to see how after adding music to Powerpoint and compressing it, the file size changed.

Optimize Music Before

And Afterwards – Note how the file size went from 1.17MB down to 5.56MB.

Optimize Music After

Step 10: Another tip is if you want to save the music file into the same folder as your presentation then right click on the music icon on the first slide and do a Save As – Media File. This just eliminates the process of having to go back into your folders and copy and pasting the file over!

Media file for Powerpoint

Step 11: Now it’s time to save your presentation into a new format. Simply Save As if you want to do a Slideshow. For a video, if you have one of the later versions of Powerpoint there is a Save As – MP4 option – that’s all you have to do and then just give the program time to convert it to a media file.

Your video is now ready to upload to YouTube and embed or your own site. Again please note that these instructions will work for the later versions of Powerpoint, if you have a 2007 version you will need to use Windows Movie Maker to turn your slides into a video, and you will lose all of the animations and need to add your own.

So that’s how simple adding music to Powerpoint slides really is! Let me know if you have any questions and our next tutorial will be how what to do with your video and slideshow next.

Thanks for reading!


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